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3 Pullman-Centric Activities to Try Before You Graduate


Welcome to your life. With Graduation upon you and your fellow seniors, it’s understandable to start getting melancholy as you prepare to leave, evolve on Main and Spokane for the last time, and begin a new chapter of your life story. You can also be forgiven if there are still a few blank squares next to the items on your Pullman-centric to-do list. But hey, you’re not gone yet. So why not put some checks in those boxes? Better yet, why not add a few more? With adventure to be had and not a lot of time to have it, here are three Pullman activities you need to check out before graduating.  

Bill Chipman Palouse Trail

Did you know that the University of Idaho is not only seven miles away, but there’s a trail you can walk that will take you straight there? The Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is definitely worth a trek when it comes to unique and free things to do in Pullman. This paved trail straddles the state line, connecting the WSU and IU campuses, and sees plenty of walkers, bikers, and joggers. As you traverse the trail, feast your eyes on lush green vistas, rolling hills, and majestic mountain ranges. Close to home and easy to traverse, Bill Chipman Palouse Trail is a great day hike that can end with a hangout session with friends at IU. 

WSU Bear Center

Chances are, if you've lived at evolve on Main just this year alone, then you've at least heard of the WSU Bear Center. Three miles east of home, this fenced-off enclosure is legitimately located on WSU campus and features actual Grizzly Bears. The bears are most active from April to October, so now is the perfect time to get up close and personal with one of nature's most interesting and intimidating creatures.     

Wawawai County Park

If you chose to further your education in Pullman, Washington, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of Mother Nature. If so, one spot you must visit before taking off to your next adventure is Wawawai County Park, located close to home and boasting 49 acres of campsites, picnic areas, and nearby Wawawai Bay – a fantastic location if you’re into kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. Be sure to take plenty of pictures, although, let’s face it, there’s nothing like summertime in Pullman.  

Pullman has an endless supply of options for exploration and entertainment. Click over to our evolve on Main Neighborhood page to learn more, then be sure to check our other blog posts for more information on everything there is to see and do in Cougar country.


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